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Elite Medical and Diagnostic Clinic

<p>Candidate must have three years’ work experience in field of Administration officer.</p>

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Afghan Salamat Hospital

<p>Afghan Salamat Specialized Hospital  Registered by Ministry of Public Health and AISA Office. Beginning in 2011, there has always been an effort to provide health services that after completing Medical standards and the purchase of modern medical equipment, could upgrade the hospital level by 2014, which in a five years has gained satisfaction from his compatriots and has provided extensive communication at the level of the provinces of the southwestern region of the country.</p> <p>Currently, a large number of patients from the hospital are from the provinces of Herat, Ghor, Farah, Nemroz, Badghis, and even some far provinces, which indicates the quality of service and the satisfaction of the patients in the hospital, at Herat city level.</p>

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Elham Omid Hospital

<p style="text-align:right;">شفاخانه معالجوی الهام امید در ولایت غزنی برای تداوی و عرضه خدمات صحی تاسیس و از مدت دو سال بدینسو در خدمت هموطنان عزیز قرار دارد.</p>

The Kabul (Diabetes Management) OPD ClinicK DMC logo

The Kabul (Diabetes Management) OPD ClinicK DMC

<p>The Kabul (Diabetes Management) OPD ClinicK DMC is the first private clinic working based on international standards for diabetic care in Afghanistan. It is the smallest OPD clinic, but the most trustable specialized medical center in Afghanistan. Kabul (Diabetes Management) OPD Clinic to needs hire two medical doctors who have experience in internal medicine (one male and one female).</p>



<p>SAMI Hospital is a multi speciality hospital located in district # 5th Kabul city, the hospital is well equipped and provides medical and surgical services for children and adults.</p>

Pharmacy Asistant logo

Pharmacy Asistant

Zakir Hussain Pharmacy Technician Exprience 23 years in Govt Sector KPK Pakistan 

Herat University Legal Clinic (HULC) logo

Herat University Legal Clinic (HULC)

<p style="text-align:right;">کلینیک حقوقی پوهنتون هرات در سال 2008م مطابق به سال  1387ه ش  به منظور ارتقاء دانش مسلکی و کسب مهارتهای حقوقی عملی محصلان پوهنحی­ های حقوق و شرعیات به عنوان اولین مرکز کلینیکی در سطح افغانستان در چارچوب پوهنحی­ های مذکور ایجاد گردید. این کلینیک بعد از اخذ مجوز رسمی از سوی بورد مستقل مساعدت­های حقوقی وزارت عدلیه ج.ا.ا تا کنون در بخشهای آموزش مهارت­های مسلکی سیستم اجراات  جزایی و مدنی  " وکالت ،پولیس،سارنوالی،محاکم، عدلیه و حقوق " و عدالت اطفال برای محصلین پوهنحی­های شرعیات و حقوق ،ارائه مساعدت­های حقوقی رایگان برای اقشار بی بضاعت، زنان و اطفال و آگاهی دهی حقوقی عامه  خدمات ارزنده‏‏ای را ارائه نموده است</p>

Morning Star Development – Kabul University Health Clinic (KUHC) logo

Morning Star Development – Kabul University Health Clinic (KUHC)

<p>Kabul University Health Clinic (KUHC) is looking for a highly motivated person to assist with management of the clinic, patient appointments, and produce reports for a clinic which serves the 27,000 students and staff at Kabul University.</p> <p><strong>Summary:</strong></p> <p>The KUHC Administrative Assistant  greets and assists patients and visitors in person or via telephone in a professional and courteous manner, maintains the database of patient appointments and treatments, assists the clinic manager in maintaining staff personnel records, provides logistical support for the clinic staff, and coordinates with the University staff for matters concerning the clinic operation.  Assists the clinic manager to promote the clinic services among the University personnel  Handle financial transactions and reports with integrity.</p>