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Legal Clinic of Herat University

<p style="text-align:right;">کلینیک حقوقی پوهنتون هرات جهت پیشبرد بخش (عدالت اطفال) ازطریق پروژه " تقویت سیستم محافظت اطفال و بهبود روند ارائه خدمات محافظت برای اطفال درمعرض خطرو درتضاد با قانون" که توسط دفتر یونیسف زون غرب تمویل میگردد، به یک تن کارمند اداری که واجد شرایط ذیل باشد نیازدارد:</p>

Morning Star Development – Kabul University Medical Clinic logo

Morning Star Development – Kabul University Medical Clinic

<p>Kabul University Medical Clinic is looking for a highly motivated person to manage the clinic, patient appointments, and produce reports for a clinic which serves the 27,000 students and staff at Kabul University.</p>

SAMI HOSPITAL  INN Kabul Branch logo


<p>SAMI Hospital is a multi speciality hospital located in district # 5th Kabul city, the hospital is well equipped and provides medical and surgical services for children and adults.</p>

MRC(Mansoor Radiology Clinic) logo

MRC(Mansoor Radiology Clinic)

<p>The Mansoor Diagnostic Clinic, which was established in 1394, provides standard services to the countrymen ’s Internist obstetric, dental, radiological, and laboratory departments.</p>

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Eetemad Hospital (EH)

<p>The Etemad Hospital is a private hospital providing quality and standard hospital services. Holding the license of MoPH Afghanistan this hospital is providing curative services as well as diagnostics through professional staff, standard equipment in a convenient environment. Currently the hospital provides 20 bedded inpatient care for children and adults, including surgery, Internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology services. Moreover, this hospital is providing a 24 hour services of OPD for children and adults, emergency care, intensive care unit (ICU) services for infants and adults, radiology, physiotherapy, vaccinations, pharmacy, laboratory and ambulance services. </p> <p>This hospital aims to provide compassionate, high quality, accessible and cost effective services to the population of Afghanistan. Considering the exigent needs of Afghans for specialized health care services this hospital plans to extend its services as a complex hospital having more focus on maternity, newborns care and diabetic patients.</p>

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Herat University Legal Clinic of Herat University

<p>Legal Clinic of Herat University under their project “Strengthening Juvenile Justice System and improvement of service delivery to children at risk and in conflict with Law”, which is funded by UNICEF Child Protection Programme is looking for an M&amp;E Officer with below responsibilities, conditions and requirement:    </p>

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Afghan Swiss Stomatology Hospital


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Sadaf Dental Clinic

<p>Sadaf Dental Clinic is a privet center health it provided good services for Afghan people,</p> <p>Its located in Shar-e Naw / Kocha qasabi </p>