Al Farhad Hospital Kandahar logo

Al Farhad Hospital Kandahar

<p>Al-Farhad Hospital is located in heart of Kandahar City, Shahidan Chawk, Herat Darwaza and we have the honor to be the first private hospital in southern Afghanistan.</p> <p>Our hospital has set the standard for comprehensive health care in Kandahar Afghanistan. Our dedicated staff and advanced facilities have earned the hospital great reputation as a leading medical institution hospital in southern region of Afghanistan.</p> <p>Patients benefit from expertise of our entire team of medical professionals. Our medical professionals are committed to providing patients with health care. In July 2014 &amp; in Aug 2015 our hospital was awarded by director of MoPH (Dr. Qayum Pukhla) and Governor of Kandahar (Dr. Turyalai Wisa) to be the best hospital in Kandahar.</p>

Aga Khan Health Service  Bamyan Provincial Hospital  logo

Aga Khan Health Service Bamyan Provincial Hospital

<p>Aga Khan Health Service, Afghanistan (AKHS,A), an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), is a long-term partner of the ‘Ministry of Public Health, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’ for the implementation of Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in Badakhshan, and implementation of Essential Package of  Hospital Service (EPHS) in Badakhshan and Bamyan provinces. AKHS,A is also managing Community Midwifery Education and Community Health Nursing Education Programs in Bamyan, Badakhshan and Baghlan.</p>

Noori Hospital logo

Noori Hospital

<p>Noori Hospital is the first modern private hospital in Uruzgan. The purpose of Noori Hospital is to provide excellent healthcare services to the residence of Uruzgan.the hospital&nbsp;equipped with modern medical machineries and it will start its activity very soon.<br />&nbsp;</p>

IAM/ Kandahar NOOR Eye Hospital logo

IAM/ Kandahar NOOR Eye Hospital

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) is serving the people of Afghanistan through capacity building in the sectors of Health and Economical Development.<br />Kandahar NOOR Eye Hospital located in Kandahar is a project of IAM which provides affordable eye care service for the people of Afghanistan since 2006.

Soha Female Dental Clinic (SFDC) logo

Soha Female Dental Clinic (SFDC)

<p>Soha Female Dental Clinic (SFDC) is a newly opened clinic located in Kabul &ndash; Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan. SFDC operates only for female gender. It is a private<br />&nbsp;</p>

Rahman Hospital logo

Rahman Hospital

About Rahman Hospital<br />Rahman Hospital is a private hospital, located in Ghazni province, Farokhi square, Lab-e-darya area. Started activity since 2012. It&rsquo;s a 20 beds hospital and has activity in Internal medicine (OPD&amp;IPD), General surgery (OPD&amp;IPD), Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Dermatology, ENT, Emergency Room and diagnostic parts Laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasonography.

IGICH and Ibn-e-Sina Hospitals /MoPH logo

IGICH and Ibn-e-Sina Hospitals /MoPH

<p><strong>Background:</strong><br />The Ministry of Public Health is committed to improve the quality of hospital services at provincial and central level. The implementation of Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS) in 56% of provincial and regional hospitals is considerable progress against this commitment. Emergency Ward is a complementary part of health system and based on critical need for delivering these services, MoPH commences the Standardization and implementation of emergency wards in central hospitals of Kabul in the first phase and in regional and provincial hospitals later on.<br />The objective of assignment the triage officer is to strengthen hospital team and support &amp; maintain 24 hour emergency care services in the hospitals and to facilitate good quality of services to these patients for reducing of mortality incidence.<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</p>