I saw the profile number of the company. It is a big company. I really liked it instead of the facilities. I want to work there.

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موسسه آموزش تخصصی فرادرس

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Mutahid DFI

Mutahid DFI was established in April 2011 and is directly supported by MISFA Worldbank MEDA for financial support and USAID(FAIDA) for all it´s capacity building efforts. Mutahid Development Finance Institution is an Afghan Development Finance Institution which aims to offer financial services to and create opportunities for Afghan entrepreneurs through an operationally self-sustainable innovative development finance institution.Mutahid (meaning United in local language) was created in April 2011 to serve Afghan entrepreneurs by providing microfinance SME and Islamic loans. Currently Mutahid is serving over 18000 clients in Kabul Mazar Herat Kunduz Takhar and Badakhshan and is expanding..

Institution / Financial institution | Kabul City, Kabul, Afghanistan