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Zwak News (Pashto: ځواک نیوز) (Persian: ځواک نیوز). Zwak News is Afghan media outlet which was established on January 2020 at Kabul Afghanistan and Owned and operated entirely by Afghans. First time Zwak News Media was lunched in 2014 and was publishing paper magazines phisically. In 2020 began publishing news and information online. Zwak News presents all its content online in [[Pashto] langauge. Zwak News covers international content in all its forms with the majority of viewers and readers are currently being from Afghanistan.

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Oxygen Film Studio

<p style=&acute;text-align: left&acute; class=&acute;text-left&acute;><strong>Oxygen Film Studio</strong> (Persian: اکسیژن فیلم استودیو) is a media production company in Kabul Afghanistan our company that values the craft of film making and we strongly believe the quality of your promotional video should reflect the quality of your business<br><strong>Overview & Goals</strong> <br>In today&acute;s world millions of videos are being produced with the different qualities and standards. In Afghanistan there are more than a thousand video production companies but our aim is to produce high level of videos within the country and improve these production qualities in high level. Videos are valuable and powerful way to show something through media in Afghanistan to engage with its target audience. We&acute;re not talking infomercial here we’re talking about compelling interesting and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your aim for your goals come to life online. And that&acute;s what we do: we use stories to make your aim come alive.\r\n<br>We transform your aim from one-dimensional commodity in the mind of your target audience into a three-dimensional solution so that they can connect with Video done right can make your aim unforgettable. We do video right by understanding your goals and your target audience. Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience. It could be documentary-style humorous or emotional. It&acute;s all about finding the right way in so you get the most out of your investment.<br><br><strong>Social Media Pages:</strong><br><br><strong>YouTube:</strong><br><strong>Facebook</strong>:<br><strong>LinkedIn:</strong></p>

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Shamshad Radio and TV Network

<p>Give full support to program director in all aspects of program  particularly in drama direction especially in the field.</p><p>Oversee all aspects of program creation from conception and deal-making to production and delivery. Work with outside producers on concepts talent development program direction and scripts as well as the overall creativity and brand integrity of presentation reels pilots and series. Be a driver for idea generation and trend spotting. <br> </p>

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<p>1TV is one of the fastest growing television stations in the country.  Known for its hard-hitting news reports and high-impact current affairs programs 1TV prides itself on news as it happens and factual reporting.</p><p>1TV reaches a large percentage of affluent viewers targeting a younger audience and a greater share of the middle class.  Its aggressive national reach and popular programming make it one of the leading privately owned commercial television stations in Afghanistan.</p><p>1TV has an impressive record of ‘firsts’ in Afghanistan.  It was the first channel to create its original programming content broadcasting 24x7 and the first to produce all original music programming.  It was the first channel to develop and televise live popular events from all over Afghanistan.</p><p>1TV is well equipped with world class high-end digital broadcast equipment.  Using its state-of-the-art production facilities the staff at 1TV is able to provide compelling continuous coverage of the most important news and cultural affairs.  1TV has over 325 square meters world class studios modern lighting systems video switchers and video recognition capabilities Sony video cameras video editing stations comprehensive dubbing systems and digital audio studios.</p><p>1TV is owned by Group-One an Afghan communications and media company founded by Afghan investors in hopes of promoting principles of independence human rights and freedom of speech for Afghan people. </p>