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HR & Administrator (Chinese - English speaking)

Phoenix Technology L.L.C was launched by 2021. Starting with 20 employees the acquisition of the largest company began from the moment. We do online games chess operations and card games and R&D.\r\n\r\nWe have a branch in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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New Afghanistan Women Association (NAWA) is an independent Non-Governmental non-profit non-political and non-sectarian organization (Afghan National NGO) created at the initiative of a group of Afghan Professionals in (1999)\r\nOrganization (NGO) registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan Under Registered Number of ( 458 ) and Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA)Under Registered Number of ( 147 ) UN Agencies and is an active member of Afghan Women Network (AWN). \r\n The NAWA organization exists to strives to save lives to promote human dignity and to expose and confront oppression. Promote women’s Youths and Children rights in Afghanistan and advocates for a positive social change women’s and Youths have access to justice and they are actively present in social economic and political spheres of Afghan society.\r\nNAWA approaches its organizational goals by advocating at the national level for policy change legislation and implementation of state laws and policies. NAWA undertakes advocacy together with other women rights ‘youths and Child Right focused NGOs and individual activists in order to ensure positive progress at the national level for development and enactment of laws and policies at all levels. Besides the organization works towards government institutions’ capacity building focusing on gender sensitization strengthening understanding of government official’s vis a vis women and Youths rights and helping them mainstream women’s Youths right in their official business. In addition NAWA works with the local communities and mobilizes them to support women equality and contribute towards promotion and protection of women’s and Children rights. Particularly the organization works with religious leaders and influential personalities of the communities and partners with them in order to use them as local champions for social change in favor of women and Children rights. Also NAWA focuses on developing the capacity of men in order to build their understanding of women and Children rights and turn them into women and Children rights champions advocating for women and Children rights. The main target group of NAWA is women youths and Children who are targeted for empowerment in order to help them recognize their human rights and help them access those rights.\r\nThese funds/contributions go to the following sectors:\r\n• Comprehensive aid development \r\n• Empowering the Afghan men and women through vocational training programs \r\n• Working for peace and human rights \r\n• Strengthening education amongst the people \r\n• Improving the status of health system within the country \r\n• Building the capacity of women through various developmental programs \r\n• Supporting Women’s Youths children’s rights and providing them with opportunity to improve \r\n• Efficient emergency assistance \r\n

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BLC Bright Life Construction

Bright LIfe Construction Company

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Tawfeeq Cooperative And Development Organization (TCDO)

we are pleased to let you know that TCDO is the abbreviation of Tawfeeq Cooperative and Development Organization is a nongovernmental non-political and non-profitable organization it was established in 2002.\r\nset-up to assist in the rehabilitation of Afghanistan and to secure the operation of relief and rehabilitation activities inside Afghanistan through direct cooperation with existing local resident´s authorities’. Shuras and donors.\r\n

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HOME-Humanitarian Organization for Motivation and Empowerment

Humanitarian Organization for Motivation and Empowerment (HOME) is a Non-Government Afghan NGO registered under the license number: 4262 with Ministry of Economy. Our head quarter is in Kabul. HOME is administrated through non-corporate control procedures and in line with its policies guidelines e.g. Human Resource Finance Policy and Admin & Logistic Procedures. \r\nHOME is mainly composed of highly qualified professional’s lawyers advocates academic professors civil society activists human rights defenders and medical doctors who have good reputation and good past records.\r\nHOME focuses at providing women with education opportunities economic empowerment and protection of women rights capacity building and protection against gender based violence and conducting research on various social issues. HOME is committed to identify new and innovative approaches to meet the needs of its target groups. We believe in a change not through a radical dynamics of revolution but to unfold the social issues with positive solutions of social development mechanisms. Our work focuses on identifying the most critical and challenging problems develop successful strategies build effective institutions create efficient delivery mechanisms and make all possible efforts to achieve organizational goal. We base our programs on facts and data not mere assumptions.\r\nThe core team of HOME consists of young and qualified professionals. In addition HOME has pool of experts having many years of working experience in the development and research sectors. HOME utilizes the services of a vast group of professionals from a variety of disciplines.\r\n

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New Afghanistan Women Association NAWA a National NGO Established 1999



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Afghan Bureau for Reconstruction - ABR

Afghan Bureau for Reconstruction (ABR) is a non-profit non political and non governmental independent organization established in 1992 to take part in rehabilitation reconstruction and development of the war torn Afghanistan.\r\nThe organization’s objectives are to take part in rehabilitation and development of socio-economic infrastructures of the country and to serve the people through implementing projects and programs in different sectors.\r\nABR has implemented a significant number of projects in almost all the five regions of Afghanistan.\r\nABR has been implementing partner with United Nations High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) World Food Programme (WFP) United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) Relief International (RI) (InterSOS) Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF)/World Bank (WB) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) CARE Afghanistan and different ministries of Afghan Government.\r\nThe organization is registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan and Afghan NGO’s Coordination Bureau (ANCB) as well as with different donors.\r\n

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About the Organization:\r\nThe Non-governmental Non-political and Non-profitable Darnika Development and Service Organization (DDSO) established in 23/11/2016 and registered with the ministry of economy and commerce This Local NGO was formed based on the needs and will of the community elders in a view to deal with the then socio-economic problems in different areas of Afghanistan.The main philosophy of work is to bring community elders and representatives on a common platform to share ideas and act collectively and go parallel and in line with policies and mandates of central government and international community and donors in Afghanistan. We are obliged to focus on South-west but have freedom to work at national level as well. In reality local community owns DDSO and we are reporting to them in form of our annual General Meeting.\r\n. Thematic Core Areas of Work: \r\nA. Home-based Micro Enterprise and Livelihood \r\nB. Agriculture/Irrigation/livestock \r\nC. Education: community-based \r\nD. Health Water and Sanitation- WATSAN \r\nE. Relief and Aid Coordination\r\nF. Poultry\r\n

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Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization (CAHPO)

<strong>Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization (CAHPO)</strong> has been established by group of expertise in supported of professional advisers and volunteers in response to increasing needs in country. Our staunch conviction continuing to this day was that people affected by different means of violence should be involved in decision making for positive change in development process of country. <br>Our working model has always been premised on the assumption that we would work in partnership with local CSOs and individual where offering them professional experiences and contacts adding value where we could for the benefit of affected communities.<br><br>We are committed to working at a human-scale where the work is made possible by the trust learnt. We have grown and now draw on years of experience to provide practical support that helps people. <br><br>CAHPO is properly registered with Afghan Government the Ministry of Economy and functional in majority of provinces in Afghanistan. CAHPO is SC-member of Climate Action Networks in South Asia (CANSA) in Afghanistan that effectively contribute with different ways to climate change and adaptation related program in Afghanistan. In addition CAHPO is active member of number of coordination networks in country where we coordinate our programs and exchange the information. CAHPO main areas of focus in Afghanistan is: <br><br>1) Agricultural & Livestock and Food Security Program <br>2) Water and Snatiation & Hygiene (WASH) Program <br>3) Income Generating and Livelihood <br>4) Women’s Empowerment Initiatives and Advocacy <br>5) Promote Child Right’s Initiatives and Advocacy <br>6) Formal and Informal Education and Capacity Development Trainings (Wider approach covering all groups including Disability)<br>7) Advocacy for Rural Development <br>8) DRR and Environmental Protection <br>