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Geneva Call

<p>Geneva Call is a neutral and impartial non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting respect for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence. Geneva Call is currently focusing its efforts on banning the use of anti-personnel mines protecting children from the effects of armed conflict prohibiting sexual violence in armed conflict and the protection of the medical mission.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Main Objective</strong>: Under the supervision of the Head of Office for Afghanistan the Administration Finance and HR Officer (national) contributes to the operations of the Geneva Call by ensuring proper and transparent management of the financial administrative and HR aspects of operations in Afghanistan according to the internal procedures and guidelines donor requirements as well as local legislation.</p>

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Afghan Women Development and Training organization

Afghan Women Development and Training Organization (AWDTO) is one of the leading Afghan Women’s social wellbeing network founded by number of Afghan Women for Afghan Women and started its initials operation providing capacity building and Skill development trainings to Afghan Women in different section of handicraft Carpets and textile through the help of volunteers who contributed from their own income. After receiving training AWDTO will provide job for each beneficiary within the organization or will introduce to other local companies or private sector with whom AWDTO signed MoU’s to provide job for beneficiaries so that they will start working with them producing good quality outfits and supply to them. This will be a great help and opportunity for them and their families. Since the establishment of this organization AWDTO have provide skill development training to over 100 women in Kabul and already created job for them within the organization and now they became self-sufficient and supporting their families economically. We are grassroots feminist movement with a long-term vision for those needy women who has the right to work independently and has the right to be the owner of their income. AWDTO has established a training unit where every three month hundreds of women take advantage from their quality skill development trainings. We believe that Independent women in the society could be result of peace in the country as in lots of rural areas in Afghanistan men join terrorist groups due to economic burden within their families.

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Human Development & Relief Organization (HDRO)

Human Development & Relief Organization (HDRO) is a registered body established in 2018 as a nongovernmental non-political not-profit organization. It is registered with Ministry of Economy under the registration number (4410) and specializes in Social Development vocational training capacity building programs community development programs system development and research studies. Human Development & Relief Organization (HDRO) envision the achievement of peace and stability in Afghanistan through enabling the communities. HDRO believes that empowering communities at the grass root level is the key to having a developed and prosperous Afghanistan. For this reason Human Development & Relief Organization (HDRO) enables Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to have long term partnership with rural and urban communities. The overall goal of HDRO is to contribute towards rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan in areas of human capital and research studies. \r\n<br>\r\n<br>Through its qualified management staff skilled researchers and experienced professionals HDRO can help its clients to strategize design execute monitor and evaluate products programs projects and services they deliver with long term impact in the area where the project is implemented or the service provided. \r\n<br>\r\n<br>With the help of futuristic strategies it has HDRO is experienced enough and committed to design and implement various development projects with the financial and technical support of international donor agencies and the government in a professional manner.  <br>

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Real Expert Consulting Services (RECS)

Real Expert Consulting Services (RECS)\r\n<br>\r\n<br>Real Expert Consulting Services was established in 2010 aiming to ensure the standards in Afghanistan\r\n<br>\r\n<br>REC has been registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under license no: D-70987 as well Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA) and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) the Organization which is formed of professionals offers the consulting services in the field of Quality Assurance throughout the country with the motive to enhance the quality and standards in the industry. Real Expert is the exclusive ISO Certificate provider in Afghanistan.

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Help for Afghan Heroes (H4AH)

Help for Afghan Heroes (H4AH) is an Afghan-registered apolitical non-profit organization (charity) founded in Kabul Afghanistan in 2013. H4AH strives to help Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) members who have been wounded or injured and the families of ANSF heroes who have been killed serving Afghanistan.\r\n<br>Our Mission\r\n<br>Our mission is to help deliver an enduring national network of support for Afghan heroes by supporting wounded ANSF personnel and families of deceased ANSF servicemen and women. Additionally we will seek to garner support for Afghan Heroes from Afghanistan’s international partners. <br>

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EDO is one of the most innovative and rapid growing software development company in afg. Our key goal is to bring innovation growth and promotion for our customers by providing sound solutions for their business and organization&acute;s problem

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Union Aid

<p>Union Aid is an Afghan organization established in 1979 in Pakistan registered as an International NGO in Afghanistan and Pakistan had been serving Afghan Refugees through various projects; running basic health units hospitals labour rooms first aid program artificial limbs construction vocational training scholarship program distribution of milk & relief goods during emergencies. During war Union Aid helped millions Afghan people in Afghanistan provided health care services emergency aid for the disasters affectees. The organization once again comes out to help the needy Afghan people in its homeland especially to assist the returnees Internal displace persons as well as local population.</p>

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<p>YPM is a non-profit non-partisan public institution and social enterprise founded and led by a group of committed young professionals with combined national and international experience of several decades in different domains of international development and consulting.</p><p>YPM is currently implementing a country-wide capacity building activity funded by USAID/DAI under the PROMOTE initiative. Towards conducting this activity YPM is seeking applications from capable trainers in the provinces mentioned above.</p>Youth for Peace Movement (دځوانانو سولییز خوځښت) is a Civil Society Organization focused on social solidarity for general wellbeing relief development and economic growth. Youth for Peace Movement was formed in May 2014 when hundreds of Afghan civilians were killed in a land slide in Argo district of Badakhshan Province. <br>One week of fundraising efforts by youth from all walks of life in Southern provinces of Kandahar Helmand Uruzgan and Zabul and around 150 k USD were raised from local people. The funds were raised from streets of Kandahar Lashkargah Qalat and Dehrawod where more than 80 percent of the population live on less than a dollar a day. The in kind gifts and cash was used to prepare food and nonfood hampers which were hand delivered and distributed among victims of the landslide in Argo. <br>Our success was only based on learnings of these volunteers by seeing other parts of the country where other people with <br>differences reside. The campaign was run by volunteers contributing their efforts on sheer emotional philanthropic and sympathetic grounds unlike other civil society organizations or NGOs which are gathered on monetary basis. These 200 volunteers from all 4 provinces were further organized into a strong team to be able to extend similar supporting hand to people in need in post conflict and or natural disaster situations. Youth for Peace Movement was praised and our efforts were appreciated not only by the families effected but also by local government bodies in mentioned provinces. The driving force behind these youth is the appreciation they receive on their efforts Youth for Peace Movement’s earning is the pride in being of help to local communities. ​<br>

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Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Org(WEGEO)

<h2>Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization (WEGEO) is a humanitarian non-commercial non-political and non-governmental organization. </h2>1.2 WEGEO shall undertake programs and project relating to humanitarian Education \r\n<br>Basic health & Environment Peace Human Rights Capacity building/Vocational\r\n<br>training Community development/skills women agriculture activities Income\r\n<br>Generation Basic Education/ Health and literacy Social Mobilization marketing\r\n<br>skills/ Business opportunities.\r\n<br>1.3 WEGEO shall develop educational programs and concepts for operations in\r\n<br>consultation with NGOs UN Agencies and Donors.\r\n<br>1.4 WEGEO shall work in close cooperation with other NGOs UN bodies and Donor\r\n<br>Agencies.\r\n<br>1.5 WEGEO is able to conduct a situational analysis survey in the target areas.\r\n<br>1.6 WEGEO’s main office is located in Kandahar and establishes sister branches in other provinces of Afghanistan for coordination and implementation of projects.\r\n<h3><pre><blockquote>AIMS AND OBJECTIVES</blockquote></pre></h3><blockquote>2.1 AIMS</blockquote><br>2.1.1 WEGEO aims to provide Basic health & Education Peace Human Rights \r\n<br>Vocational training and Business opportunities to the women in required\r\n<br>areas. This NGO envisions empowering the afghan women through\r\n<br>education bringing social and economic developments removing the\r\n<br>poverty and creating the employment. It aims to provide peaceful and\r\n<br>democratic society where women are skilled and able to earn their income\r\n<br>independently for their families. <br><br>2.1.2 Area of activities:\r\n<br>a. Education Basic health & Environment\r\n<br>b. Peace Democracy & Human Rights\r\n<br>c. Capacity building/Vocational training\r\n<br>d. Community development /skills\r\n<br>e. Women agriculture activities\r\n<br>f. Income Generation.\r\n<br>g. Basic Education/ Health and literacy\r\n<br>h. Social Mobilization marketing skills/ Business opportunities<br><br><h4><blockquote>2.2 OBJECTIVES </blockquote></h4>The Objectives of WEGEO are: <br><br>2.2.1 Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization will attain\r\n<br>women’s rights and freedom.\r\n<br>2.2.2 To provide rights to the women according to the Constitution of\r\n<br>Afghanistan.\r\n<br>2.2.3 To decrease violence against women.\r\n<br>2.2.4 To improve the economic developments to women who are at home.\r\n<br>2.2.5 To provide women an opportunity to take part in providing income for\r\n<br>themselves and their families;\r\n<br>2.2.6 Enhance the value of a woman through her income in the community.\r\n<br>2.2.7 To share information on a range of topics including educational\r\n<br>opportunities for women and children social events governmentsponsored\r\n<br>and NGO programs and health and hygiene education that is\r\n<br>not otherwise available to the majority of the women in Afghanistan.\r\n<br><br>