Noor Ensaf Tarin Group Projects

Brief Introduction of the Firm:

Noor Ensaf Tarin Group (NETG) established and registered in the year 2013 with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan with the business license no (0101-20410), since two decades the firm has been working in different areas and activities of the business in Afghanistan market such as: Agricultural machinery, equipment and tools, agricultural services, construction, assembly and packing of Agricultural machinery.

The firm has been worked with a lot of Ngo’s, organizations such as: Care Afghanistan, ACTED, Afghanistan Development Association (ADA), USAID, RADP-EAST, agricultural projects such as: CBARD, OFWMP, DACAAR, TLO, different municipalities of the country such as: Kabul municipality, Khost municipality and Kabul greenery department.

The firm has been worked and has been implemented the projects with the mentioned organizations in different sections such as: Greenhouses installations services, goods services contracts, construction contracts. the firm also has been implemented directly medium and high standard greenhouses installation with the CDC’s in different provinces of Afghanistan, there main greenhouses contracts was with the CDC’s in Nangarhar province in different districts.


The firm has close partnerships and collaboration contracts with the International corporations such as: 1- ECHO Japan, 2- Original Loewe Germany, 3- Agrimax Spain, 4- Dimartino Italy, 5- Solo Germany, 6- Husqavarna Sweden, 7- Altuna Spain and so on, the firm also import the fruitful saplings from different countries such as: Turkey high density fruitful saplings, French, USA, Spain and Shat al Arab.

The firm has sufficient stock of the mentioned brands in its Kabul and provincial branches stocks and about 15 permanent experienced employees here work with the firm include of: technical, advisors and experts’ engineers’ in the field of Horticulture, Livestock, High Technology Greenhouses, Kitchen Gardens, the firm has administrative team including of: Admin manager, Finance and accountant manager, advertising team, warehouse manager, sales manager, the permanent staff are 15 and temporary staff are 25 persons, the total staff which are operating within the firm are 40 persons to manage and control all the firm projects inside the country. These permanent staff which are operating in occupational and technical works suchlike: technical engineers’ and agricultural advisors are trained all technical related to High Technology Greenhouses installation and manufacturing, horticulture in the modern system in outside the country in Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan, the engineers’ much well trained and experienced with the High-Tech Greenhouses and can implement it well in the different provinces with different climatic zones. 

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