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Sayara Research we work for the benefit of Afghanistan by providing the government, the international community, civil society and the private sector with the information that they need to make a difference. We are an Afghan company that has been creating sustainable development for the past 10 years working with local and international clients from our head office in Kabul, and our regional offices throughout the country. As a social enterprise we believe that the interests of business and society are one in the same, so we choose our projects carefully to have the greatest impact on improving the quality of life in Afghanistan.

We provide our clients with research, assessment, and monitoring and evaluation services to inform more effective strategies and better decision making based on scientific evidence. Our analytical products measure the outputs, outcomes and impacts of development projects, and provide actionable recommendations for impactful intervention.

Our strength comes from our adherence to our core values, our unparalleled expertise in research methodologies, the deep experience of our team, and the national reach of our field force. We constantly innovate to create research designs that are customized to answer our clients’ questions. By applying social science to understand Afghanistan’s complex environment, we find practical solutions to difficult problems.

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