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YRMPT was established in 1995 and has since positioned itself as reputable brand in media production, Telecommunication and Information Technology Solution provision in Afghanistan. YRMPT is a lead Media Production, Telecom and IT company in Afghanistan with 25 years of experience completing over 58,00 projects within scope, budget and timeline. Our client base includes Government of Afghanistan, USAID, United Nations, AWCC, Goethe-institute, MTN Afghanistan , Roshan, Etisalat Afghanistan, international organizations, Private Enterprises and local institutions. YRMPT is a major to multinational telecom companies such as Etisalat, MTN, Roshan and AWCC to whom we have provided various mobile solution and content under ATRA NOC# 9212. YRMPT has extended focus on development of latest product and showing immense concentration in quality and customer satisfaction, because of our stable and paramount knowledge in the telecom industry. Our clientele in the telecom industry in Afghanistan shows our expertise in the telecom industry. YRMPT has produced thousands of strikingly unique and inspiring films, documentaries, commercials, animations and 3D/2D contents. We have produced over 5000 media productions over the past two decades, experimenting with technique, style, and genre of cutting-edge videography and photography. Our films range from short clips to hour-long documentaries. You can view complete list of our media production contents on YRMPT YouTube page at: https://www.youtube.com/yamaramin. We are leader in producing visual masterpieces. Our corporate culture drives us to take the extra step and flip the end product to a piece of art. We give your project that extra “WOW!” factor by delivering innovative and high quality graphics at cost effective prices.

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