Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization (CAHPO)

Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization (CAHPO) has been established by group of expertise in supported of professional advisers and volunteers in response to increasing needs in country. Our staunch conviction continuing to this day was that people affected by different means of violence should be involved in decision making for positive change in development process of country.
Our working model has always been premised on the assumption that we would work in partnership with local CSOs and individual where offering them professional experiences and contacts adding value where we could for the benefit of affected communities.

We are committed to working at a human-scale where the work is made possible by the trust learnt. We have grown and now draw on years of experience to provide practical support that helps people.

CAHPO is properly registered with Afghan Government the Ministry of Economy and functional in majority of provinces in Afghanistan. CAHPO is SC-member of Climate Action Networks in South Asia (CANSA) in Afghanistan that effectively contribute with different ways to climate change and adaptation related program in Afghanistan. In addition CAHPO is active member of number of coordination networks in country where we coordinate our programs and exchange the information. CAHPO main areas of focus in Afghanistan is:

1) Agricultural & Livestock and Food Security Program
2) Water and Snatiation & Hygiene (WASH) Program
3) Income Generating and Livelihood
4) Women’s Empowerment Initiatives and Advocacy
5) Promote Child Right’s Initiatives and Advocacy
6) Formal and Informal Education and Capacity Development Trainings (Wider approach covering all groups including Disability)
7) Advocacy for Rural Development
8) DRR and Environmental Protection
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Address:. KRT-4 District -4 Kabul Afghanistan
Location: شهر کابل
Phone:+93 0799690701
email:[email protected]
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