Critical Research & Consultancy Co.

Critical Research & Consultancy (CRC) has been offering a wide range of services to both companies and non-for-profit organizations. We aim at assisting governments, businesses, NGOs, Policy makers, educators and researchers in developing programs, managing projects, designing applications, introducing innovations, writing policies and assisting partners towards an effective implementation as well as evaluating and analysing them for effectiveness and desired outcomes. We ensure delivery of quality services to organizations, programs and projects of diverse nature and magnitude. We offer creative solutions to challenging problems. Through short-term and long-term consultancy services, CRC creates a win/win scenario for all the stakeholders. Having worked with different organisation, based in Afghanistan, in the realms of education, health, law, advocacy, information technology, research, leadership development, complete HR solutions, project management, change management and diverse trainings to improve and enhance the businesses as well as non-governmental organizations.

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Location: شهر کابل
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