DANNER AFGHANISTAN for Women Empowerment Organization

DAWEO is a local women’s rights organisation working towards ending violence against women (VAW) and strengthening the services to women survivors of violence. DAWEO supports this work by providing capacity-building activities to organisations working with VAW survivors. DAWEO was initially established in 2012 as an international NGO and a local office of the Danish NGO Danner, who has worked with VAW survivors for more than 35 years through shelter activities and awareness and policy work in Denmark. DAWEO’s overall mission is to support women and girls who are victims of violence through providing capacity building initiatives, public awareness in psycho-social issues and other trainings and workshops related to gender-based violence issues.
Under the supervision of the Director of DAWEO, the consultant is tasked to develop a high-quality training manual for GBV professionals including staff at Women’s Protection Centers, ministry staff working with female victim of violence and GBV staff in general.

Relation: DANNER AFGHANISTAN for Women Empowerment Organization
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