Development and Ability Organization ( DAO )

The Development and Ability Organization (DAO) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization founded in early 2004 working in different area with an active board of directors .it is properly registered and its Registration certificate obtained from the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled (MMD) and Ministry of Economy of the Islamic State of Afghanistan as a non-Governmental Organization, bearing registration number 746. DAO is also properly registered with the UN National Program of Action on Disability NPAD/UNDP, The Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines (ACBL) and Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau (ANCB). In addition to the above DAO is also registered with Asia Pacific Development Center on disability (APCD) and a member of the disability task force (DTF) led by UNDP/NPAD and Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

DAO believes in gender balance and development and capacity building of women and men, Our strong motto and ambition is to strengthen young boys’ and girls’ including persons with disabilities participation in the educational, social, political, economic and cultural affairs and civic education so that they play important and equal roles with men in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of  Afghanistan

ورود کاربران
ثبت نام جدید
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