Mujtaba Ali Construction & Technical Company

Mujtaba Ali Construction Company has registered in Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA), this Company is an Afghani Company and attempt to work hard to provide different Constructions Services (Maintenance Services) with high Quality in all across Afghanistan.

Mujtaba Ali Construction Company is a Non-Governmental and Non Political Company and its objective is to provide maintenance services for governmental offices, NGOs, National and International Institution in Afghanistan and at the same time the mentioned company is trying to created job opportunity for all nations in Afghanistan without any discrimination, racism and religious differences.

This Company consisting from professional and experienced employees, and able to work in any part, especially in construction section, the employees of this Company have reached out to their national and international experienced from past and current performance from national and international institutions and they have the capability to provide best quality performance for their clients, one of the main objective of this Company is attracting of clients and providing the best quality performance for its client.

Mujtaba Ali Construction Company is one of the well experienced Companies regarding to maintenance and services of the Generators, it is mentionable, that we have already successfully and completely done many kind of projects regarding to the maintenance of Generators (the copies of mentioned Agreements attached with above proposal).

Our previous experiences in many projects shows, that we are able to work in any condition and environment, specially we have experienced, that how can we keep the operation& maintenance of the Generators and also we are able to avoid from problems during the implementation of the projects.

It is clear that every project has different characteristics during it is implementation in the area, but as we mentioned above, we have enough experience that can assist our team to find the weak and strong points of the problems during the performance of the project and we would try to decrease the weak points and increased our strong points, so by best technical procedure we can solve the problem in different aspect of the project, in order to receive the satisfaction of the projects owners during the implementation of the project.

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