PPIAP World Bank Funded Project at Ministry of Finance Projects

The Government of Afghanistan plans to leverage private investment, supplementing public and donor resources, to achieve its development priorities to this effect, the GoIRA has launched a public-private partnership (PPP) program, which is designed to attract private financing for infrastructure and other investment projects. The GoIRA created the Central Partnership Authority (CPA) in August 2016, a General Directorate within the Ministry of Finance (MoF), as the central coordinating actor for PPPs, and retains 25 technical staff. Since its establishment, the CPA helped create the PPP legal framework. The CPA has worked closely with line ministries to build PPP capacity through workshops, develop the upstream PPP pipeline, and provide technical support on downstream PPP transactions that preceded the PPP Law and are now at negotiation stage. In September 2016, the President issued a PPP Law the PPP programs, particularly in FCV contexts, are complex and require a long lead-time to ensure an appropriate balance between public investment and PPP projects. The World Bank and other donors have been providing technical assistance (TA) to strengthen the PPP legal and policy framework, build institutional and technical capacity, and operationalize the CPA. This TA support will enable the GoIRA to utilize PPPs, to meet development needs. Through the proposed project, Public-Private Partnerships and Public Investment Advisory Project (PPIAP), will support improved planning, budgeting, and preparation of development investment projects to ensure strategic prioritization and solid implementation. To this end, the project will enable the GoIRA, through both advisory and capacity development activities for relevant Government stakeholders and the establishment of a suitable mechanism, to assess and prepare a pipeline of feasible public investment and PPP projects for development priorities. It will help maximize funds available for the country’s most pressing development needs. The PPIAP will coordinate the efforts of World Bank Group teams, and other development partners.
• Strengthening institutional and technical capacity of MoF and other relevant agencies.
• Component 2: Establishing the Infrastructure Preparation Facility.
• Component 3: Project Management.

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